Thursday, January 26, 2012


                              I am so thankful that God doesn't require Perfection from me.

Let me tell you a secret....I am not perfect. I know, who would have guessed. I love to be a little sarcastic but in all honesty as much I would like to be my best each day I am far from it. I recently read a post from another blog about doing better tomorrow. I can totally relate. Here's just a few of mine.

                                                   Tomorrow I will.....

be more patient.

try to finish my to do list...{but first I have to find it}

make eye contact with my children when they are talking to me more often.

not go a little crazy on my husband....even when I feel I have the you babe....

and this list can go on.

I am human. I am a sinner.

                                        Take a deep breath...{sigh of relief}

                               I am a child of God. A Loving and Perfect God.

Does this excuse my sinful nature? Absolutely not. Does he forgive me? Absolutely! I am so thankful I have a God who pours an overflow of mercy and grace on me.

God's will is not for me to be perfect but to seek those who are lost so they might be saved. He has blessed me with two little sinners and called me to teach them God's perfect love through him.

                                                I don't need to be perfect.

                          God is and he knows the plans he has for me. {and you}

"But seek first his Kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well." 
Matthew 6:33


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