Friday, February 10, 2012

Cupcakes in Fashion

                                                         Happy Fabulous Friday!!

       If you read my post yesterday on our cupcakes and marshmallow treats for Valentine's then you see my obsession with cupcakes. Anyways, I was checking out some other blogs I follow and over at Living In Yellow, Erin had posted about living in jeans, t-shirt, and heels. 

{Go visit her blog you will laugh so hard your gut hurts and have a party all by yourself reading her posts}

                        She found the cutest, softest, form fitting tees at dressingOnTheSide.       

                 What took my little heart was the Cupcake tee. Oh my word! Isn't it adorable!
                            And just like I posted yesterday Cupcakes Make Everything Better!

                I just ordered mine and I can't wait to get it in the mail! They are offering  30% off too if you use the code:  Livinginyellow  Oh yeah!! 30% off plus their shipping is inexpensive.

                          Here are a few more I am tickled pink over and I would love to get later on.

                                                                  Love this one too!
              I would love to know which ones you would want to!! Have a SWEET Friday cupcake! I promise I won't post about cupcakes tomorrow!
                                                                        XOXO~ Angie

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