Sunday, February 5, 2012

Spiderman Party

   My son turned 5 years old last week. I was planning on posting earlier in the week but it just hasn't happened. He started planning this Superhero Spiderman party 6 months ago. This year we did it a little different than we usually do. We decided to have it at a local gym instead of our home. This is his last year at our Church Preschool/Pre K program and he wanted to invited his close friends too.

   I love celebrating birthday parties. Any parties really. I love to plan the party, decorate, cook, and host. My husband doesn't always understand why I love all this but he appreciates it. Even if we have to have a conversation walking out the to door to the party of why I need a cupcake stand and not the box. He's a boy and I am a girl. Need I explain anymore.

So my big five year old decided he wanted Spiderman Cookies, Cupcakes, and marshmallow pops for his class party. 
                                                        First up is Spiderman Cookies
                                          These were the hardest one I have done so far. I had icing issues this time and I was just plain tired from our week before when we were sick and playing catch up. But he loved them and said, "Mom, your a good drawer and these are awesome." so that made them the best!

                                                       We also did spider web cookies
I also made cupcakes and had custom cupcake toppers and personalized by She customized my files and you just print at home. I wasn't able to use everything at the gym but here is a few.

Yummy Marshmallow Pops to be!

These are some of our favorite treats and so easy to make!

                                                 And we can't forget the birthday boy!

Hope you enjoyed our Spiderman Party as much as the birthday boy did! Thanks for looking.