Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Hello, My Love!

   When I first met my husband I ran right into his arms and our eyes locked, we fell deeply in love, ran off and got married on a deserted island. We drank out of coconuts, that we had to chop down ourselves, eat the fish we caught with our bare hands from the ocean, all the while gazing in each other's eyes......

                                  eeeeerkkkkkkk.............{stop that record from spinning} 

               Well it wasn't that fairy tale or the bachelor date but it was a fairy tale, a story of our own.

    It was love at first sight but more like a Friend's episode! It was two days after Valentine's day, I remember because I was alone, please no sympathetic awwwwhhh necessary, I was enjoying some me time {eating chocolate and watching a love story I am sure), just I as am sure my love was too {insert guy time}. Ok, here's the Friend's episode of our own. We met in the laundry room in the apartment complex we both moved too on the same day. I know I know, you never hear of these stories right?? Ha! Anytime I share how we met, the popular response is oh like meeting in the grocery store. Except we got to see our laundry not the food we buy. It was quite intimidating I tell ya. "Oh please don't see my undies", that was all I was thinking at the time, and "oh my goodness what a hottie".

   So we had small talk and learned a little or I should say a lot. You can learn a lot about a person at a laundromat when your watching your clothes spin and spin. Oh and did I mention we were the only ones in there. One of God's divine moments for me.

   We talked and talked and finally parted our ways. Only names exchanged, no numbers, but lots of giddy feelings. A few days passed and we saw each other again but now in the fitness center. You know those small fitness centers that are "amenities" with your rent. Hmm, first he sees my undies being laundered and yeah now he gets to see me in tight fitting work out clothes, sweating, and probably some ridiculous looking body moves trying to workout.  God has a sense of humor for a girl who is self conscious I tell ya!

    So it is here my dears, he finally asked for my number. And then he called and he took me on our first date. It was all over then friends. I was smitten for this boy and I still am. We may not go to the laundry mat together, work out together, go on first dates anymore but we have lots of other firsts. Until next time my love...

                                                            You had me at HELLO!

                                                                  One of our Firsts
                                                         After a few firsts....and babies..

                                                     Now go get smitten with your love!


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