Saturday, February 11, 2012

Dream on Dreamer



And I really am. I think we all are. When we are little girls we dream about that boy we will  marry someday and our fairytale weddings. We dream about a new house, a new job, or whatever it is you think you desire. Dreams to go to college, dreams of a wonderful marriage, perfect little children. I don't know what your dreams are but I do know what mine are and have been..

Dreams can soar like eagles. Dreams can be realities. Dreams can even become nightmares. But it's with these nightmares that shows are real dreams in how we overcome. How do you handle your nightmares? Your Fears? Are you a dreamer like me?

I am feeling overwhelmed tonight with how I have overcome my own nightmares.. And that is HOPE my sweet friends. And lots of it. Hope in GOD. Hope in his might plan not mine. Hope in relationships. Hope is sorrow. Hope in grief. And even hope in MYSELF.

       Each day I am faced with trials, fears, and nightmares. Small and Big. BUT I choose Hope today. And my hope for you, whatever trial you may be facing, that you will give it to God and let go.

       Every Day. Have Hope. Be strong and courageous in yourself. Be filled with joy in peace so that you may overflow with hope.

                                                Trust Him. Love Him. and if your like me....

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 Love, Angie

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